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Bishkek city

The city was built during the Soviet period many modern buildings, residential high-rise housing estates, parks, boulevards and parks. Bishkek - is an important transport hub. It is associated with many nations highways and air routes. Osh - the second largest and important city of Kyrgyzstan. Located in southern Kyrgyzstan, in the eastern part of the Fergana Valley, on the banks of the river Akbura. Osh - one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia: in 2000 celebrated its 2500th anniversary. Local legends connect the base city with such characters in world history, as drevneizrailsky King Solomon (Sulayman), or the Greek ruler Alexander of Macedon, or even the first man, Adam. The main attraction of the city - the mountain Takht-Sulaiman ("Throne of Solomon"), which since ancient times, is considered one of the most important shrines of local Muslims' the second Mecca. " Pilgrimage in it can replace a trip to this Mecca of gum. Osh was a major trading center on the Silk Road, linking the Mediterranean and the Middle East and the Pamirs, Tibet, China and India. Modern Osh - the cultural and economic center of Kyrgyzstan, the unofficial capital of the southern republic, where 40% of the population. In the city of more than two dozen industries, universities, institutes and museums.
Tokmak - one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. At the turn of the I - II there was a thousand Karakhanids the state capital. 15 km south of the city preserved medieval castle Buranin-parameter and the minaret, now restored and known as the "Burana Tower» (XI c.). Favorably located at the entrance to the Boam Gorge, Tokmak controlled communication between the steppe and mountain areas. At the beginning of the XIX century. there was a fortress Co-kandskogo Khanate. In 1867 became a county town Tokmak Semirechensk area, and only after 12 years, the center was moved to the county Pishpek. In the XX century. economic importance of cities has increased, he became the second after the Bishkek in its industrial potential. Large enterprises Tokmak - spinning factory, glass factory, the only factory in the country for the primary processing of wool. Also developed light and food industries. - individually made tours.         - tours for trekking and horse riding. - horseback riding near Son Kul Lake. - cultural tours in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. - All destinations in Central Asia.             



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