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Currency in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyz Som (KGS) = 100 tyin. Notes are in denominations of 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1, and 50, 10 and 1 tyin.


Currency Exchange

Foreign currencies can be exchanged at commercial banks and at street exchange offices in Kyrgyzstan. The US Dollar and Euros are the easiest currencies to exchange.


Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs

Credit cards are accepted in some of the larger hotels in Bishkek and can also be used at banks to withdraw cash from the counter.


Traveller's Cheques

There is limited acceptance of these, but some banks in Bishkek accept traveller's cheques, with US Dollars probably the best option; commission charges are high. Cash is recommended in Kyrgyzstan.


Banking Hours

Usually Mon-Fri 0930-1730.


Exchange Rate Indicators

$1.00 - 46. 01

€1.00 - 52. 45

Nomadic Dream

Trekking tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 11 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Tamga - Jukku gorge -  pass Jukku - Ak-Shirak - Gorge Ashu-Tor - Gorge Chon-Kyzyl-Suu - Bishkek

You will absolutely not find such a quiet and beautiful place anywhere else! You will simply LOVE the way this tour has been organized. This tour is for people who want to discover the land of nomads. Kyrgyzstan is a perfect place for trekking over incredible mountains and through unforgettable gorges. There is the second largest mountain lake in the world Issyk-Kul on the way. You will experience the nomadic style of life far away from the hectic of busy and stuffy cities.

Forgotten Path

Trekking tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 7 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Chong Kyzyl Suu - Gorge Jukuchak - Pass Jukka - Chokoli Lakes - Syrthe Ak-Shirak - gorge Barskaun - Bishkek

You found the blissfully quiet place in our busy world your were looking for. All of us were children and had our particular dreams. If your dream was to roam somewhere in wild nature, among gorges, mountains and celestial lakes, this tour is right for you. It is an unforgettable tour where you will not only see different kinds of mountains and the world's second largest alpine lake, but also get a taste of the traditional nomads life while hiking along the Great Silk Road!

Kyrgyz life

Trekking tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 16 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Kel-Tor gorge - Kel-Tor Lake - Kegeti gorge - Kara-Archa gorge - Tuyuk-Issyk-Ata gorge - Kok-Moinok gorge - Issyk Kul Lake - Tosor gorge - Barskoon gorge - Juku gorge - Burana Tower - Bishkek

The main places of this trekking program are Kyrgyz and Terskey ranges. During the tour you will also visit a mountain waterfall and mountain lakes. And of course one of the main highlight of the tour is visiting of the second largest mountain lake in the world Issyk Kul Lake. 

Our mountains

Trekking tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 14 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Ala-Archa - Boom gorge - Konorchek canyon - Kokjarsuu valley - Kyzyl Suu valley - Shamsy valley - Tyuk gorge - Kel Tor lake - Kegety gorge - Burana Tower - Bishkek 

We want to suggest you to have a trekking tour in an unusual place of Kyrgyzstan - Konorchek canyon. This place will surprise you by its red rocks that have so many different shapes. You will have trekking along this famous canyon and also you will have a chance to visit Kel Tor mountain lake.  

Celestial Horses

Horse riding tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 9 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Issyk-Kul Lake - Karakol - Chong Kyzyl Suu - Ashu Tor - Kishi Kyzyl Suu village - Jumakuchak - Kok Terek - Bishkek

Looking for a special trip? Wonderful views and a charming atmosphere are waiting for you! There is a Kyrgyz saying "Horses are men's wings". Since ancient times horses played a vital role in the nomads life. It was impossible to survive without a horse in our mountainous country. During the tour you will be riding a horse along the Great Silk Road like a nomad. At the same time you will get acquainted with Kyrgyz traditions, try the national drink Kumis (mare's milk) and delicious dishes.


Another world

Horse riding tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 12 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Tamga - Chong Kyzyl Suu -  pass Karatakia -  gorge Kitchi Kyzyl Suu - Gorge Jukutshak - gorge Ashu-Kashka Suu - Lake Kashka-Suu - river Kumtor - Arabel Suu - Chokoli Lakes - Bishkek 

Charming and inviting! Great nomadic style trip, unforgettable experience! 
If you are tired of civilization there is a great chance to feel the freedom of mind. You will have a horse riding to enjoy untouched nature of mountainous Kyrgyzstan and to visit numerous lakes pure sparkling water. During the trip you will find out about Kyrgyz traditions and culture, because the Kyrgyz being nomads for many years managed to keep all traditions till now days.
WARNING! The good spirits and friendly atmosphere make it very hard to leave!


Kyrgyz horses

Horse riding tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 16 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Jukku -  pass Jukku - Kumtor valley - pass Soek - Kishi Tabyl valley - Toguz Bulak valley - At Nassyl valley - Dar vazy valley - Uch Koshoi - Tar Kiya - Kochkor - Song Kul - Bishkek

If you like horse riding we want to present you this tour. During this tour you will ride a horse in different gorges of Kyrgyzstan that are so famous among travelers. Also you will visit our celestial lakes and it is a great chance to live among nomads in places that are so far from civilization.


Wild nature

Horse riding tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration:  9 days

Places to visit: Manas airport - Burana Tower - Issyk Kul Lake - Barskoon gorge - Dongoreme - Juku gorge - Kichi Jargylchak gorge - Bishkek 

We would like to present you a horse riding tour. During this tour you will visit our largest mountain lake Issyk Kul and you will have a chance to ride a horse in Terskey mountains. Also you will sleep in nomadic dwellings yurts.

The Sound of Silence

Cultural tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

  8 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Issyk-Kul Lake - Karakol - Tamga - Bokonbaiva - Kochkorka - Son Kul -  Bishkek

This tour offers you the great opportunity to discover the magnificent land of celestial mountains, located in Central Asia. You will enjoy seeing our wild nature, untouched places, and 

unforgettable ancient sights! The whole tour goes along the Great Silk Road passing through the impressive Tian Shan massif. You will visit the world's second largest alpine lake Issyk-Kul, as well as the picturesque Son Kul Lake, situated on a high plateau in the centre of Kyrgyzstan (3013m. above sea level). You will be taken back to the time of nomadic life, their traditions, culture and food. 

Road to the Wildness

Cultural tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 13 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chong Kemin - Son Kul Lake - At Bashi - Tash Rabat Caravanserai - Kochkor valley - Tamga village - Karakol - Altin Arashan - Karakol - Cholpon Ata - Bishkek

Experienced tourists say «If you have not seen Central Asia, you have not 
seen the world!". You can not imagine how many places you are going to see! During your tour you will visit ancient Burana Tower, the second largest lake in the world Issyk-Kul; also it includes visiting of the ancient Tash Rabat Caravanserai (Stone Castle), primeval stone inscriptions, churches, mosques and many others places of interest. Kyrgyzstan is the place of untouched nature and deep traditions. You will find out about the nomadic life, taste national dishes and drinks.

Our Kyrgyzstan

Cultural tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 13 days

Places to visit:  Bishkek - Arslan bob - Jalal Abad - Osh city - Kazarman village - Tash Rabat Caravanserai - Son Kul Lake - Kochkor village - Chon Kemin - Konorchek canyons - Burana Tower - Bishkek

During this amazing tour you will be able to visit north and south parts of Kyrgyzstan. This tour includes the most known highlights of Kyrgyzstan that attract so many people. You will see our celestial mountains, alpine lakes and ancient architecture. Also it is a great chance to feel yourself as if you are a real nomad. 

Celestial Kyrgyzstan

Cultural tour

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 13 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Sary Chelek Lake - Arslan bob - Jalal Abad - Kazarman -Son Kul Lake - Kochkor village -Konorchek canyons - Chon Kemin - Burana Tower - Bishkek

Welcome to our Celestial Kyrgyzstan. We want to present you a perfect tour for tourists who like nature. We made a special tour that goes to the south of Kyrgyzstan and then to the north part. During this tour you will see our famous lakes Sary Chelek and Son Kul. You will sleep not only in guesthouses but also in yurts - nomadic dwellings made of wood and felt. 


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