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Folk dancing

Folk dancing of the Uzbeks.

Dancings differ from each other in different regions of Uzbekistan. Dancings of Fergana group have softness, smoothness and expressiveness of movements, a light step, special movements at the spot and circle. One dances with kairaks (castanets) in Horezm and Bukhara.

The development of the national painting began several centuries ago. The art of manuscript and bookbinding achieved considerable success in Bukhara and some other urban cores in 16-17th centuries. Decorative appearance of manuscript included refined calligraphy, drawing of subtle ornaments on margins by water paints. Central Asian school of miniature attained success in Samarkand and especially in Bukhara. Several style tendencies began to develop in it. One of them was connected with traditions of Behzod (the great painter of the Middle Ages and founder one of the eastern miniature tendencies).




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