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Kyrgyzstan cities

Jalalabad - the second largest city in southern Kyrgyzstan. At the beginning of the XX century. - This is a typical village with ancient mosques. The main attraction were medicinal springs. They were considered sacred, and to them every year many pilgrims flocked. According to tradition, here was a source who attended the Prophet Ayub (the biblical Job). Now in Jalalabad over 20 enterprises of light and food industries, machine building and construction materials. The town has schools, a local history museum. Jalalabad was especially famous for its spa with thermal waters and curative mud.
Przhevalsk - the center of the Issyk-Kul region. In the past, was called Karakol. Founded in 1869 as a military and administrative base of the item and equipment of numerous scientific expeditions of the Russian Geographical Society (NM Przewalski, VI Roborovskiy, PK Kozlov, etc.). Not far from the city - the grave of the great explorer, NM Przewalski, over which stands a monument with a bronze eagle on top. Built up with mostly one-story houses surrounded by orchards. In Przhevalsk are industrial companies, theater and cinema, a museum of local lore, in the center of the city - a beautiful park.
Talas - the administrative and economic center of Talas in northwestern Kyrgyzstan. The city is located on the terraces of the River Talas. The status of the city received only in 1944 and has several industrial enterprises, there were blocks of flats. To the east of the city in the valley Kenkol, is the mausoleum (XIV c.), Where according to tradition, the ashes of the legendary hero Manas - the protagonist kyrgyzskogo historical epic.
Uzgen - one of the oldest cities of Central Asia. Located in the south, in the eastern part of the Fergana Valley Kara. The city was on the trade route from Central Asia to Western China. In the beginning I thousand Uzgen (Uz, Uzgend) was one of the capitals of Ferghana, and at the beginning of the II millennium - the second largest state capital Karakhanids. Preserved architectural monuments of the time - a minaret and three mausoleums, decorated with beautiful brick patterns. The city retained a rural look with a one-story manor buildings and narrow streets. - many options around Kyrgyzstan. - trekking and horse riding in Kyrgyzstan.   - cultural tours along Central Asia. - all adventures tours in our country. - welcome to sunny Kyrgyzstan. - study tours in Kyrgyz Republic.          - nomadic adventure tours.           


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