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Kyrgyz nature


Topography of the country makes the territory to split into the northern and southern part. There are two big valleys in the north of the country, like the Chui-valley (where the capital Bishkek is situated), and the Talas-valley, as well as the lake Issyk-Kul The Kyrgyz also call the "Sea of the Kyrgyz".

 To the south of those big valleys, there is the centre of the "Celestial Mountains". It is the translation of the name Tien-Shan Mountains from Chinese. The highest peaks of the system can be found in the triangle of Kyrgyzstan, China and Kazakhstan: The Peak Pobedy (Peak Victory) with an altitude of 7439 m and the Khan-Tengri with 6995 m above sea level. Peak Pobedy is also the most northern situated 7000m-high mountain in the world. This amazing high-altitude mountain area also can offer you the famous glacier Enylchek and the mysterious Lake Merzbacher. Usually this land is explored starting from the town of Karakol at the eastern end of lake Issyk-Kul. During many years explorers were questioning about the existing of the Lake Merzbacher - some of them mentioned it on their maps and in their descriptions, some did not.. The lake is being emptied once a year, but then refills completely depending on the time of the year.

The Tien-Shan mountain range is a very rich area and offers diverse kind of mountainous landscapes, starting with green and fertile high-altitude pastures and lower situated valleys with woods to the sandy and rocky mountains and valleys and rocky snow-covered high-altitude mountain regions. There are the very famous mountain lakes: the biggest in country lake Issyk-Kul, which is used mainly for beach-holidays, and amazingly beautiful surroundings of lake Son-Kul at an altitude of about 3000m, and lake Sary-Chelek at about 1900 m above sea level (see also List of main touristic places / Son-Kul ; Sary-Chelek)

This mountain range is famous not only for its landscape, but first of all because of its fauna: unique animals like the snow leopard and the Marco-Polo sheep live in the area. Beside that there are eagles, falcons and vulture can be met almost everywhere around the country.

Stretching to the south-west, the Tien-Shan Mountains splits into two parts; and the Ferghana-valley embeds in their middle. This valley is situated for its largest part in Uzbekistan , but the east borders also reach the Kyrgyz territory. The territory is famous for its fertility and rich, juicy and fresh fruits and vegetables. Population is quite dense here, and the second-biggest town of the country Osh is situated here, the number of inhabitants is about 300.000.

The visitors are amazed by a calm atmosphere of the country side with many fields, especially sunflowers, and charming traditions.

The borders to Tadjikistan and China at the south of the country are established by the Pamir mountain range. Here, you can find another high, famous peak: Peak Lenin (7134m), which is popular among climbers from all around the world, also because of its technically not too demanding ascent.

Kyrgyzstan Travel industry is constantly developing, now there are many quality hotels in big cities including Bishkek and Osh. The journey to Kyrgyzstan, with its wonderful nature, will make you holidays unforgettable.




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