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Kyrgyzstan trip and travel

Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 11
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Activity Tour: Trekking Tour
Time: 17 days

Day 1: You will arrive at Manas International Airport, where your guide will meet you. You will be accompanied by Karakol town 400 km from the airport. Road runs along the chains and snow-covered mountains make this transfer a thrilling ride. After arriving in a city apartment guesthouse private Karakol or small hotel and home made delicious dinner.
Day 2: Breakfast significantly. Meet vehicle. Short drive to Kashka-Suu valley. Trekking tour along Kashka-Suu River with magnificent mountain road on the Issyk-Kul valley. Lunch on arrival. Trekking tour along a good path for the reasons above the valley, gradually gaining height. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast trekking tour runs along the beautiful shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, the pearl of the Tien-Shan. This is the second largest alpine lake in the world ended with snow-capped peaks of 5000 meters high will remain in your memory forever better.
Day 4: Breakfast significantly. You will have trekking tours Inylchek scenic valley. Upon arrival we will have a lunch. After lunch tour starts 3 hours trekking along the valley to higher grounds, where we will create a tent camp. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 5: After breakfast trekking tour to the valley with stunning mountain views. Lunch. Trekking tour to the valley floor to Glacier Putevodnyi where we camp. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 6: Breakfast significantly. Up along the glacier trekking tour Inylchek. Lunch. Trekking tours by side moraine Merzbacher glade - the last place in the bar area located just across Lake Merzbacher unique. There is a small metal cabin comfortable for 4 persons and a large green area around which is flat enough for camping. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents or huts.
Day 7: After breakfast trekking tour to the shore of Lake Merzbacher to explore the surroundings. Lunch on the shore. Trekking back to the camp tour. Free time. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents or huts.
Day 8: Breakfast. Meet the helicopter. Fly in and meet Karkara comfortable aircon bus. Issyk-Kul drive to the lake. Accommodation at the hotel on the shore. Lunch. Free time for swimming or rest. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep at the hotel.
Day 9: substantial breakfast. Rest day.
Day 10: This is your rest day. Trekking tours around the mouth.
Day 11: After breakfast trekking tour on-Chong Kok-Djar passed (3500 m) for Djar Kok Chong-valley. Lunch on the bank of River Mountain. Trekking tour to South Chong Kok Djar pass (3636 m). Camp in the foothills. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 12: substantial breakfast. Trekking tour on the South-Chong Kok-Djar last year (3636 m) in Keldike valley. Lunch on the other side of the pass. Traveling to the upper valley reasons. Camp in the foothills of the Ala-Kul pass (3800 m). Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 13: Breakfast. Trekking tour on the Ala-Kul pass (3800 m) in the Ala-Kul lake. On top of the pass has a panoramic view of the Ala-Too range Terskei south. Trekking tour down the pass and then east along the lakeshore. Lunch on the shore. Go trekking in the foothills of the tournament until last Takyr Tor (3750 m). Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 14: After breakfast trekking tour from the surface of the glacier on top of Takyr-Tor pass (3750 m) and then down to the valley. Lunch. Free time to explore the surroundings. Visit the hot springs before dinner. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 15: substantial breakfast. Trekking tours downstream river Uzzen Chong-Altyn-Arashan. Lunch. Optional visit the hot springs. Meet vehicle. Drive to Karakol city of many spectacular mountain road. Upon arrival at the guest house accommodation. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 16: Breakfast significantly. Meet comfortable aircon bus. Machine during the day to Bishkek with a possible stop at the lake for swimming. Lunch at a cafe down the road. Upon arrival at the hotel or guest house accommodation. Anything short Bishkek and leisure shopping. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep at the hotel.
Day 17: In the morning your guide will take you to the airport in accordance with the departure time of your data. You will be flying home.



Kyrgyzstan (the Kirghiz. Kyrgyzstan), Republic Kyrgyzstan, the state in the Central Asia. Borders on Kazakhstan in the north, China - in the east and the southeast, Tajikistan - in the southwest and Uzbekistan - in the west. With 1936 on 1991 country was a part of the USSR as allied Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic. On August, 31st 1991 independence Kyrgyzstan has been proclaimed.

 Kyrgyzstan - highland. Бóльшая the part Kyrgyzstan enters into range Tjan-Shanja, and only the extreme southwest concerns to Pamiro-Alaju. The higher point - Pobeda peak, or Dzhengish-Chokusu (7349), is located in Tjan-Shang in the east of the country, on border with China. Many ridges Tjan-Shanja - Talassky Ala Tau, Kirghiz, It kjungyoj-is scarlet-too, terskej-is scarlet-too, etc. - have mainly subshirotnoe prodeleting. The large Fergana ridge is focused from the northwest on the southeast, and ridge Kakshal-Too - from the southwest on the northeast (along border with China), with unique pass within Tjan-Shanja Torugart (3752).



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