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National cuisine

Kyrgyz Republic is known not only as a land of scenic beauty, but also as a country with an ancient original culture, the persistence of the individual elements of the nomadic way of life, the nearby modern civilization.
Kyrgyzskaya cuisine is of particular interest to visitors of the republic, arriving from other countries, and makes the journey special flavor and appeal.
It is in the food turned out to be the most stable ancient traditions of the people. One of the features kyrgyzskoy cuisine is that most of the products retain their natural appearance and taste. The main of them are meat, milk, vegetables and fruits, flour products are widely used.
The place of honor at the festive table, the national dish "beshbarmak" (five fingers). Enjoy its flavor, can only be tried. Of mare's milk drink prepared a lovely mare who is famous for its exceptional flavor and medicinal properties. This drink has cured people from many ailments, is also a champion in the vitamin content.
National cuisine widely represented in the cafes and restaurants of every corner of the country.
Fans will be able to get acquainted with the folklore wealth kyrgyzskogo folklore, folk Kyrgyzstani tools Kirghizian epic. Kirghiz people has long been renowned for its musicality. His music, dating back to ancient times, the Kirghiz are divided into song and Kyu. To include all kyu music for folk instruments. The most popular musical instrument is a three-stringed komuz. A two-stringed popular kayak and reed Temir ooz komuz. In the traditional Kirghiz is a solo music-making. Popular alternate, in the form of competitions, performances of musicians and singers.
Folklore in the past existed only orally. Artists took over the music at each other's ears, while becoming not only interpreters but also the co-authors. Folk songs are a significant part of musical creativity kyrgyzov.Osoboy kyrgyzskogo kind of folk music is akyn pesnetvorchestvo. Akin - Folk singer, improviser. Akin accompanies his singing by playing the komuz.
Various genres of folklore kyrgyzskogo. Kirghiz folklore, poetry and ritual among the lyric genre, richly represented moralizing oral poetry, proverbs and sayings, riddles and fairy tales, myths and legends.
The songs are pleasant and melodious Kirghiz. Listen kyrgyzskie melodies and songs, they bring joy and peace to your hearts. - trekking and horse riding tours. - active tours in Kyrgyzstan. - real adventures and tours. - many tours from Kyrgyzstan. - there are pages with detailed tour inscriptions.


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