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National music

National music of the Uzbeks.

Music of Uzbekistan is similar to music of Middle East. It has difficult rhythms, which produce rich sweet note. Music is an individual nuance and creative variety, though rhythms come after a structure of verse. Many of the most popular Uzbek instruments have stings, for example such instruments as rubab and dutar. Instruments similar to these are also popular in some other parts of Central Asia, Transcaucasia and Middle East. The ancient tradition of singing minstrels or bards is an important part of early music and literature development.

The Uzbek folk music arts are characterized by versatile of genre subject area and variety. Songs and instrumental pieces in concordance with their functions and forms can be divided into two groups: playing in the exact time and under the definite circumstances and playing in any time. Songs, which are connected with rituals, work processes, different ceremonies, dramatized shows, games, are referred to the first group.

The Uzbek people are popular by their songs. Koshuk is everyday life song of couplet structure with a melody of small diapason, which covers one or two strophes of a poetic text. Lapar and yalla songs have a number of common features with koshuk song. They also have songs of couplet structure. Dance character of a melody of this genre provides their performing accompanied by comic dances. Lapar song is a song-dialogue. In Horezm one calls songs, performing by one singer. In some regions the term lapar is used to wedding songs "Ulan" (they are performed as a dialogue between man and woman).

Genre of yalla includes two types of songs: a melody of small diapason and introduction to a song is solo with dancing at the same time. Folk and professional verses of the East poets are poetic texts for these songs. 

The most developed pattern of ashula songs is the genre of folklore. Dastans are epic stories of lyric-heroic content, which have a special place in the Uzbek music. Makoms are the main classical fund of folklore.     




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