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Nomadic lifestyle Kirghiz people limited opportunities for development of art, but artistic taste and skill marked many items of national life: jewelry, harnesses, clothing, household items, utensils, exterior and interior decoration of the home. Kyrgyzskogo masterpieces of applied art never lost its national character and embodied the very best artistic traditions handed down from generation to generation.
Who in the world today have not heard about kyrgyzskih shyrdak carpets, carcasses kiyiz, ala kiyiz unique needlework of women embroiderers. In the hand crafted of wool felt warm shyrdak fabulous blooms with flowers, decorated with stylized figures of various animals, and even entire scenes of hunting, weddings, and competitions. Shyrdak serves more than 30-40 years.
Created by centuries of decorative arts Kirghiz people original, diverse, and has the most important quality of a combination of practical, utilitarian value, and the rich decoration - whether it is a yurt, or harness.
Diverse wood products - dishes, bowls, vessels, which looked through the natural texture patterns elm, juniper, poplar, wild cherry roots.
Sleek, molded and contoured carved, painted on the trunks, boxes, stands and covers chess, in which the figures are made based on the epic "Manas", komuz - the national musical instrument.
The ancient tradition of artistic metal retained to this day people jewelers - zergerusta. Made of high artistic merit female ornaments not lie on the shelves. Bracelets, rings, earrings, head ornaments, and Plait, made by folk artists, able to satisfy the most discriminating tastes of today. All this can be found in almost every jewelry store of the country.


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